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Using a professional impound company for the parking management needs of your commercial property offers several benefits.  We strive to provide professional service in an industry that is most-difficult, here are some of the key advantages of using our team:

Expertise & Experience

AXLE Towing & Impound specializes in parking management and has extensive experience in handling various parking-related situations.  We are well-versed in local parking regulations, towing procedures, and legal requirements.  Our expertise ensures that parking issues are dealt with efficiently and in compliance with the law.

Efficient Enforcement

Parking violations can disrupt the flow of traffic, inconvenience others, and impact the overall parking availability.  Professional impound companies have the knowledge, resources, and manpower to enforce parking rules effectively. We can monitor parking lots, issue citations, and tow vehicles promptly when necessary, ensuring that parking spaces are available for authorized users.

Enhanced Security

Parking lots and garages can be vulnerable to unauthorized parking, vehicle theft, and other security risks. Let us implement security measures to prevent such incidents. We even utilize surveillance systems & employ trained personnel to further reduce the likelihood of unauthorized parking and enhancing overall safety.

Customer Service

AXLE Towing & Impound prioritizes customer service, both for the property owners/managers and the vehicle owners. We have well-trained staff who can address parking-related concerns, answer questions, and provide assistance promptly and courteously. This level of customer service helps maintain a positive relationship between property owners and users of the parking facility.

Legal Compliance

Parking regulations can vary significantly depending on the location and jurisdiction. Our entire team has a thorough understanding of these regulations and ensures compliance when enforcing parking rules.  By partnering with a company such as ours, property owners/managers can mitigate the risk of legal issues or liability associated with improper towing or handling of parking violations.


While there can be minimal costs associated with hiring a professional impound company such as specialty signs for example, it is ultimately cost-effective in the long run. Efficient parking management reduces unauthorized parking, maximizes parking space utilization, and minimizes congestion. Additionally, by outsourcing parking management to experts, property owners/managers can focus on their core operations and save time and resources that would otherwise be dedicated to handling parking-related matters.

How To Redeem Your Vehicle

What you will need to pick up your vehicle at our storage facility:

  1. Current state issued photo ID or DL.
  2. Current registration or title in your name.
  3. Pay any Towing and storage fees owed against the vehicle to be picked up.
  4. If vehicle is picked up after normal business hours, gate fee will apply.

The impound rates are set by the municipality and not by Axle Towing & Impound so the impound is charged what is prescribed by municipal statue.

All towing/Impound Services will be conducted pursuant to Arizona Statute (28-874) Additional parking rules, (9-499.05) and the following city Codes: Phoenix, City Codes SEC 36-144, Gilbert City Code SEC 12-1-19, Glendale City Code SEC 24-211, Mesa City Code -Title X Chapter.9, Peoria City Code Chapter 14-144, Scottsdale Rev. Code-SEC 17-123.5, Tempe City Code 32-6.

Pinal County Sheriff
(Non-Emergency)  (520) 866-5111
20 Day Holds (520) 866-5277


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